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Qonaev International Balloon Festival

Sky of a Thousand Colors

Dear Guests and Visitors!

We are happy to share our memories of the unforgettable The Sky of a Thousand Colours Air Balloon Festival that took place in July. It is a bright page in our history, and we are glad to share with you how we prepared and held this incredible event.

We did our best effort to prepare the festival and make a very thorough arrangement.

We decorated the sky with 30 balloons and enjoyed an impressive and breathtaking view. The hot air colourful balloons filled the sky with incredible colours and added some magic to the air.

We are proud to note that the festival passed without incidents, and all the guests enjoyed a safe and positive atmosphere.

All talented performers, such as Qarakesek, Kalifarniya, King Macarella, Oceana and Miras Zhugunusov share their energy and joy with others, bringing you unforgettable moments of fun and frolic.

An outstanding magician performed his magic show with amazing card tricks, tricks with ropes and other things. His showmanship skills really made an impression on everyone at the show and added mystery to the atmosphere of the event.

The two days of the festival flew by in a second, leaving unforgettable moments in our hearts.

Ballooning and motorised hang gliding gave you an adrenaline rush and thrilling experience.

Kite contests and various activities engaged both children and adults, creating an atmosphere of joy and laughter.

Our guests were treated to delicious meals and refreshing drinks.

A large children’s area created a family mood, while the area for adults added some ginger to the evening programme.

Contests and prizes gave our guests unforgettable moments of joy and excitement.


A venue with a seating capacity of more than 3,000 was ready for guests enjoying performances and events throughout the festival.

We delivered over 186 tonnes of water so you could stay refreshed and hydrated in a heatwave.

Our cozy campground allowed you to enjoy the fascinating nature and night sky, giving you an unforgettable experience.

A 600-seat tented food court area was arranged so that everyone could enjoy delicious and varied cuisine and spend a pleasant time with friends and family.

To ensure the amenities for our guests, we install 100 convenient bio-toilets on the premises. Your convenience was one of our top priorities.

We took all necessary measures to ensure your safety, providing seven ambulances and shuttle buses from Almaty to the camp for your convenience and peace of mind.

More than 3,100 meters of cable lines were properly laid to provide a reliable and efficient technical infrastructure for the entire area of the festival.

Thank you to all the participants of the Sky of a Thousand Colours Festival. Your visit made this event very special and exciting. We enjoyed being able to give you a unique experience and vivid memories.

With much appreciation, the Organisers of The Sky of a Thousand Colours Festival.


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